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Fuck Twitter. Moving my stuff here.

Posted by TheGreatPlague - February 18th, 2020

Twitter has proven itself to be an unreliable place to post my content.

It seems like with every day an artist gets mass flagged over the dumbest thing, and it's getting to a point where artists (especially smaller ones) can't post anything without getting our accounts suspended.

Many of us migrated to twitter ever since Tumblr had its purge, but it looks like Twitter is going to repeat Tumblr's actions. Now I never really used Tumblr myself, but I know a LOT of artists made a living on that site and it's crushing to basically be let-go. Only a few of em went to NewGrounds, but majority went to Twitter, due to that it has a socializing and sharing mechanics, etc. But now Twitter is like "SIKE! YOU'RE BANNED!", so ultimately Newgrounds is gonna win (and Pixiv).

In here I'm going to post all my content, and cite links to twitter, that way I can share it without risking being banned (then again, that's a huge gamble).


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i gotta agree with you, and the amount of hackers that hacked my account to be like "Oh, we can give you more followers if you press this link" I swear, i can deal with bots, that's why i'm packing my things here.

i meant to say "Can't deal with bots" sorry XD

those too, but the sad thing is that it's real people that are very "gatekeeping" on that site.
God forbid you draw a woman with a certain pair of breast, with a certain type of hips, with a certain type of body that just happens to trigger them all.

They tend to be guilty of having double standards, or worse having skeletons in their closet (basically being exactly what they're accusing others of).

@GamerTheRobloxian @TheGreatPlague true, i'm agreeing with you on that, i used to be on deviantart until the staffs are butthurt over a little mistake that i tried to fix but they're like "that's the wrong number" and they banned my account when i tried to fix it, i was a little s**t back in deviantart but i changed, i tried to fix everything, but deviantart is so unforgivable with their s**ty staffs, i draw nsfw art also but they rather take mines down and not take the other's down, deviantart is just being so biased and they have s**ty staffs, that's all i can say

DA is like facebook: A site for boomers.

I'm boomer and I like NG

-awkward silence-

Hello, welcome to NG! I am not a nsfw artist but I noticed on Twitter there are people who like to accuse others of racism, transphobia, art theft without evidence or logic. That site is sick.

those people came from Tumblr.
Ever since they cleansed their site from anything 18+, majority of em migrated to Tumblr. And tumblr is a hell hole of mental gymnastics.
Labels, Identity politics, emotional bursts and skin authoritarianism is all they ever were into, so imagine those type of people on twitter, that's where all the "-ism" and "-phobia"s come from.